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Flash News on the go :)

TeaKadai is a simple flash news web app, developed and maintained by GravityNull ( roobank1 )
with this app you can find the all over tamil flash news happening in and around Tamilnadu

Powered by Twitter API :-

TeaKadai.tk fetches the flash news from the trusted and official thirdpary's Twitter tweets, with the help of a curated List API.

Curated search results :-

To enhance the search results accuracy we integrated the Google's Custom Search Engine on our web app.

Simply Secured :-

Our site connection is secured with an SSL certificate for that we are using CloudFlare Content Delivery Network.

This site is hosting on Google's Blogspot. All the code and build changes are done via GLITCH's Integrated Developer Environment and all the codes are backed up in a GitHub repository.